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boat docks on a still lake Docks are simply extensions of land into water.  They not only allow the mooring of boats and other watercraft, but they also provide a place for fishing, swimming, sitting, or entertaining on the waterfront.  A dock can provide a safe place to enjoy these activities.  Designed as part of the environment, a dock will affect the water ecosystem as well as waterfront aesthetics.  Fish are often attracted to, and sheltered by, a carefully-placed dock.  And a dock can provide easier access to a boat over slippery rocks.

Residential docks may be floating or stationary.  Some are built using galvanized metal pipe for support.  Others use wooden piles.  Decking materials include plastic, aluminum, or pressure-treated wood.  Low-maintenance deck materials leave more time to enjoy the waterfront instead of spending a weekend cleaning.  Size and stability are considerations when building a dock.  Will it withstand waves and inclement weather?  Will it be permanent or removable?  In winter climate areas, will it be pulled in for the winter?  In some areas, local and state laws may limit the size of private, residential docks.

Boat docks can be customized with a number of accessories.  Rings and cleats are used for boat mooring, and bumpers protect boats.  Ladders make swimming access easier.  Dock boxes provide storage, and chairs and benches provide a place to relax.  Lifts and hoists raise boats and may include tents or awnings.  Dock lights provide access after dark.

Docks do require repairs and seasonal maintenance.  Algae can build up and decking can rot.  Prepare in the Fall for winter protection so that all will be ready when a new Spring and Summer season arrives.

Representative dock solutions providers include Shore Station in Iowa, Great Northern Docks in Maine, Feighner Boat Lifts & Docks in Michigan, Hewitt Manufacturing and Portadock in Minnesota, Dock Gear in Texas, and Follansbee Docks in West Virginia.

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